Dirgha - Complete Breath

A technique for performing Dirgha. This is a relaxing and releasing pranayama technique. This technique can be performed upright, or laying down. It is also called three-part breathing.

  1. For the first part of the inhalation, use the diaphragm to draw air into the lower lungs in a smooth rhythmic motion.
  2. Next, draw air into the middle-lungs by expanding the rib-cage.
  3. Finally, draw the air into the upper lungs into the collarbones (clavicle).
  4. Exhalation is the reverse of the inhalation.


  1. Anytime you need to relax.
  2. When you need prana to nourish the organs, tissues, and cells of the body.
  3. Releases tension in the organs by allowing direction of the prana to them.


Do not perform if you need to awaken. This technique slows the body down and roots it.