Ujjayi - Victorious Breath (Success Breath)

The Ujjayi breathing technique used to settle the mind and body. Requires the mind to focus on the breathing.

This breathing technique requires equal balance of the breath on inhalation and exhalation. You should partially close the glottis to gently restrict the flow of air. The effect would be like a Darth Vader sound with the exception of the mouth being closed. The sound should not be created by the air passing through the nostrils, but by passing through the back of the throat.

The effect is produces a prompt calming, soothing sensation in the body while forcing your mind to focus.


  1. Anytime you find yourself becoming upset, or aggravated.
  2. While performing the asanas to keep focused while moving from one posture to the next.
  3. Useful during aerobic exercise to enhance respiratory efficiency.
  4. During cardiovascular workouts to reduce the wear and tear on the body.