SPAMC and Java


I was tasked with trying to find a quick way to test if a SpamAssassin server was running. The idea was that we needed to not only check it, but if there was a framework out there that would make it simple.

In fact, we had developed our own framework over time by various developers with different approaches. However, I would like to replace it with something that will work for us that was designed from the bottom up as an implementation of SPAMC for Java. I thought it might be something I would end up writing, but alas I found one that is well written and easy to use.


spamc written by Daniel Mecsei at Alphabox does the job. It is an F/OSS framework that makes communicating with SpamAssassin extremely easy. The Github project has an example that I won’t repeat here, but trust me, it is easy to implement and use.

As for me…

I needed to test the service and wrote a quick implementation that worked something like this.

    package com.example.spamc.client;
    import hu.alphabox.spamc.SAClient;
    import hu.alphabox.spamc.SACommand;
    import hu.alphabox.spamc.SARequest;
    import hu.alphabox.spamc.SAResponse;
    import org.junit.Test;
    import static org.junit.Assert.*;
    public class SPAMCTest {
        public SPAMCTest() {
        public void testPong() throws Exception {
            SARequest saRequest = new SARequest();
            SAClient client = new SAClient("localhost", 783);
            SAResponse response = client.sendRequest(saRequest);
            String expected = "SPAMD/1.5 0 PONG\r\n";
            assertEquals(expected, response.getHeaders());