Useful Java Frameworks

I am providing a list of really cool and easy to use frameworks to make your coding easier in Java. I will keep updating this as I move along. Here are a few to get you started.


  • Project Lombok - This framework makes it easier to create classes and focus on the important parts of the code. It removes a significant amount of plumbing and makes it easier to read your code.
  • JCommander - The project quote says it all… “Because life is too short to parse command line parameters”. This is an alternative to using Apache Commons CLI that is much easier to implement and use. It is annotation based.
  • vavr - A framework that assists in using Collections API in a more useful and functional way.
  • j2html - A “Fast and fluent Java HTML5 builder”. Very nicely implemented and easy to use.
  • JsonPath - A Java DSL for reading JSON documents. This makes processing JSON documents easy. It can be used in conjunction with Gson and Jackson to do JSON-Object mapping.