Wordpress on OpenShift 2

This is my attempt to get Wordpress running on OpenShift 2 using 2 gears. I would like to migrate my personal blog for John Yeary from Blogger to another blogging platform so that I have more control of the layout, and appearance. So I backed up the data from Blogger and used the import tool and it seems to have worked more amazingly than I could have imagined.

Connecting to the MySQL database on the gear requires a little more finesse since it is not exposed publicly. Great for security, but not so great for getting remote access. I used the rhc port-forward command to accomplish the task.

rhc port-forward -a <application-name>

Here are the items that I see remaining:

  • Perform the same operations on a test blog, and see if blogger will forward requests correctly.
  • Check permlinks to ensure that they still work.
  • Setup SSL.
  • Move media from the gear to cloud storage.
  • Backup and restore database.
  • Install Wordpress on another platform and use a newer version of MySQL to see if there are any issues.
  • Add Google Adsense to see if they work.
  • Test Amazon Associate links.
  • Update Amazon Associates links.
  • Add SSO Login API for Disqus
  • Fix broken links on posts.

So far it has worked. The blog is running on a 2 gears with a load balancer. I have migrated the blog. I still need to Adsense, and update Amazon Associates links.