Marine Engineering Books

Cornell Maritime Press

  • Marine Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

Reed’s Marine Engineering Series

  • Reeds Vol 1: Mathematics for Engineers (Reeds Professional) (v. 1) (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 2: Applied Mechanics (Reeds Professional) (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 3: Applied Heat (Reeds Professional) (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 4: Naval Architecture, 4th Edition (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 5: Ship Construction (Reeds Professional) (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 6: Basic Electrotechnology (Reeds Professional) (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 7: Advanced Electrotechnology (Reeds Professional) (v. 7) (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 8: General Engineering Knowledge (Reeds Professional) (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 9: Steam Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers (Reed’s marine engineering series) (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 10: Instrumentation and Control Systems, 4th Edition (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 11: Engineering Drawings (Reeds Professional) (Paperback)
  • Reeds Vol 12: Motor Engineering Knowledge: Motor Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers (Reeds Professional) (Paperback)

Butterworth-Heinemann Marine Engineering Series

  • Feed Water Systems and Treatment (Marine Engineering Series) (Paperback)
  • Marine Boilers, Third Edition (Marine Engineering Series) (Paperback)
  • Diesel Engines, Third Edition (Marine Engineering Series) (Paperback)

Non-series Publications

  • Marine Auxiliary Machinery, Seventh Edition (Paperback)
  • Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines, Ninth Edition (Hardcover)