Ground Up by Michael Idov

So that people don’t think I am sleeping on the job. I read and finished Ground Up yesterday. Wow! Compared to Hermann Hesse this is for idiots who read the New York Times Bestsellers lists. OK, I know that was harsh. However, I have found fashion does not “Trump” substance in ALL cases. I know that was a bit harsher.

That has nothing to do with the book! I LOVED IT!!!

Steppenwolf wanted me to kill myself. This is a tragic novel, but has HOPE that gives me belief that all business people should read it. It is a sad, but true commentary on American life. It challenges you to ask things like why is cheese orange?, or corn should always be yellow! If you don’t get those kind of remarks, the book is too sophisticated for you.

I am an American Coffee Snob. This really strikes home for me in this novel. It is not because I believe that I am better than anyone else, but that I LOVE COFFEE. This novel strikes my heart, and yet I have no further to look to see a place I used to love falling into the same trap. I don’t go there sadly in preference to SBUX because they lost focus, and SBUX can produce a “consistent” shot good or bad.

I KNOW what does this have to do with the novel? Everything! The author struck home on a common key with how I appreciate coffee. I have a friend who runs a tea shop called O-Cha here in Greenville, SC. She may kill me for my next remark. She does not make a great cup of espresso. In her defense, she is a TEA shop, and makes great tea. Coffee is not her specialty. The book covers a couple who is all about the coffee to their own detriment. As usual, I don’t want to give the book away, but suffice to say it IS A DEFINITE READ.

A special shout out to TJ Emsley who turned me on to the book. I must return it to him, but I have sold my wife on it next. Sorry TJ, a couple more weeks before you get it back.

I would give it a 5/5  stars; that if you read my technical blog is impossible to get.