JS Equality Table

It seems I am always looking for the difference between == and ===. I was looking at a response to a question on Stackoverflow when I... »

j2html framework

I had my first exposure to this fun and easy to use framework in Java Magazine - j2html: An HTML5 Generator Library. I have to say... »

Netty and JAX-RS (Jersey)

Introduction Netty and Jersey are a great combination for providing RESTful web services based on JAX-RS. Netty is designed for high-throughput, and Jersey is designed for... »

Mercurial on IIS

Introduction I was recently tasked with updating our Mercurial repository at work. The original repository and configuration using Apache had been in place for years without... »

CFSSL Cloudflare SSL

A normal devops activity is installing certificates on your servers. However, most servers if used internally don’t need an official CA signed certificate for normal operations.... »