Nuclear Deterrent

The article The Fading U.S. Nuclear Deterrent in the Wall Street Journal by VADM Monroe should be an eye opener and another wake-up call for the U.S policy makers. Admiral Monroe is in a expert position to comment on the aging U.S. nuclear arsenal and forces. Considering the long lead time for the upgrade of these forces, the time is now to act. Our political and military leadership need to take the steps necessary to begin the modernization process of our nuclear forces.

Russia has recently made it known that they are proceeding with an upgrade of their forces. China, Pakistan, India, North Korea are making advances in their arsenals. North Korea is particularly troubling since they are so unstable. They may not be able to hit Washington, but a strike against California would be devastating.

I am not a fan of a number of President Obama’s policies, but the freeze on the DoE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) R\&D must released. It was an critical failure on the part of the administration of Mr. Obama to allow our nuclear forces to degrade.

This time in history like many that have preceded it has shown that the good intentions of nations can not be relied on. “The war to end all wars” ended in 1918, and only 21 years later began WW II. The United Nations was founded in 1945 to promote peace and unity among member nations. This was followed by the Cold War that lasted until 1991. This is not the time to turn our warheads into fuel rods. This is the time to ensure that we can negotiate with our potential adversaries on high ground.

Contact your elected representatives and let them know you want them to support our military forces with modern equipment, and programs.