USCG Merchant Marine Physical

The only requirement for getting started in the US Merchant Marine is getting a CG-719 K/E physical. This physical is required to get a Merchant Mariners Document (MMD). I completed the CG-719 and CG-719 K/E physicals.

The CG-719 physical is an all encompassing complete physical. It includes an eye exam and check for color blindness, as well as, a hearing exam. You will need this exam if you want to apply for your license, or for any additional rating considerations so I recommend getting both forms completed and submitting them to the Regional Exam Center (REC) when you complete your MMD application.

When I was younger, I could read the eye charts from across the room. I know that my vision is not as good as when I was a younger man, but I still have 20/20 vision. I was so happy to get some reassurance that my vision is still “perfect”.

The hearing exam did me no favors. I found out that my hearing is fine which differs from my wife’s opinion on the subject. Perhaps that is the “subjective” part.

I had a routine annual physical from my regular physician, but this was far more comprehensive and made me feel much better about my overall health.

It did confirm I need to lose weight, but few Americans don’t need too! I have been working on that however.